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Select and add your name to one of the Management Concepts to become the class expert on during the semester.  You will be responsible for creating, organizing, and monitoring activity on your Wiki concept page. Make sure your page is organized and be creative (add images and videos). Remember to keep the content and discussion business like! You will also be expected to contribute to other concept page content and discussion. 


You will cite (APA format) your research sources and include links to your sources and related information. Make sure you include the formal management definition and important information from our textbook as a study aid for the class. You should also include information from other academic sources and include real management examples. Include information on current management trends and examples. You are also encouraged to hyperlink to other Managepedia pages. 



Chapter 1 - The New Workplace

Globalization - Aidan

Critical Skills for the New Workplace - Jovana 

Organizational Performance

Management Roles and Responsibilities - Ryan

Essential managerial skills - Sandra


Chapter 2 - Management Past To Present (See Management Thinker Project)


Chapter 3 - Ethics and CSR


Ethical managerial behavior - Sydney

Corporate Social Responsibility - Shahrukh   

Corporate governance - Balaj

Corporate Ethics - Rachel


Chapter 4 - Organizational Culture and Diversity


Organizational stakeholders -

Customer-driven organization - Joeleen

Quality driven organization - Prashanthi 

Organizational Culture - Dalya

Organizational Diversity - Suzanna


Chapter 16 - Teams and Teamwork

Teams in Organizations

Trends in the use of Teams

How Teams Work - Irvika

Decision Making in Teams

Leading High Performance Teams


Chapter 12 - Human Resource Management

Why people make a difference IANNI 47 THEO 

 Human Resource Management

Attracting a quality Workforce SHAQUAN

Developing a Quality Workforce Senthooran

Maintaining a Quality Workforce ILIR


Chapter 13 - Leading

The Nature of Leadership

Leadership Traits and Behaviours

Contingency Approaches to Leadership

Transformational Leadership

Current Issues in Leadership Development



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