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Marketing Manager: Jacob

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Facebook Page

            For our workshop I will be utilizing social media websites such as facebook to get the word of our workshop out. Through Facebook I will inviting my friends from this school and a couple others. This way people will listen to me because they already know me and it will not be a random invite in the dark. I will also be able to reach out to other people who go to our school because I will have access to other friends, friends list. So if I do not know someone who goes to this school, chances are that I know someone on Facebook who does.


            Posters will be an important part of getting students to come to the conference. I will talk to eryn to try and incorporate all of the workshop titles into the main poster and will also make another poster outlining our workshop. We will incorporate our icon into our workshop poster and it will be colourful and catch the average teenagers eye. It will be simple and short but also very effective.    


            Our website will be a facebook page. This will allow people to join without signing up for a new website. People are also familiar with the layout of how it works and are probably in other groups on facebook already. This would be able to get a wide selection of students to join and it will spread the word around students because they will discuss the group that they were invited to the other night.


            We will not be using twitter because the CMO will already have that covered.


            For announcements we will write them and give them to one of the many announcement team. They would be able to spread the word every morning. When the conference becomes to a closer day we will try and start up a countdown to the day of the conference. This will keep all students and facility informed about the event.




Comments (2)

chris gill said

at 1:10 pm on Apr 20, 2014

Where is your material that was due last Thursday, April 17? The Bold items listed in your job description? Please add ASAP

chris gill said

at 5:42 am on Apr 25, 2014

Hi, On Twitter. I agree there may or may not be individual workshop #. But part of the participation mark for the conference will be based on positive use of Twitter to market and educate our customer about our workshops, conference , and content.

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