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Marketing Plan

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A good way to advertise our workshop is using twitter. Many young teens are now into the twitter atmosphere as well as small business and companies. Advertsing our workshop over twitter is a great idea because it targets our main consumer which is a teen, or student in highschool. A lof of students can relate to the twitter world.



Facebook is also another great resource to reach out to teens, and young adults. Many young adults nowadays are on the interent and are mainly on facebook and Twitter as well as instagram. Creating a page for the entire conference on facebook would be a great idea to market our conference, we can also create a link to our own workshop talking about the post important parts of it and what they're going to learn.



One of the most popular networks recently is instagram. Instagram allows you to post as many pictures as you would like as well as comment on other pictures. Creating a personal instagram account for our workshop would be a great idea to advertise our workshop. As well as keep up to date with what we are working on.


Posters and annoucments are a great way to advertise the Prezi workshop. Putting posters around Port Credit about each workshop is a great way to let students know what each workshop consists of with small detail to attract students but not give away the entire presentation.

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Irvika said

at 12:21 pm on Apr 22, 2014

Get it read by your peers and make it seem a little more convincing.

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