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Meetings of Minutes (MOM)

Page history last edited by Eryn 6 years, 4 months ago

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Date: April 11th

People here: Eryn, Rachel H, Jovana, Ianni, Jacob, Senthooran

Minutes: 2:00- 2:45pm

What was discussed?

- viral videos

- @rhssbusiness (invite him to Conference)

Top Conference Names:

-Pursuit of Progress

- Warriors Today, Leaders Tomorrow

- Students Today, Leaders Tomorrow

- Tech Talk

- Business in Everyday Life

What to discuss next time?

-hopefully we can decide on a conference name so we can create a Twitter Page


Date: April 16th

People here: Eryn, Rachel H, Jovana, Ianni, Jovana, Jacob & Senthooran

Minutes: 2:30- 2:45pm

What was discussed:

- due dates of project

- individual understanding of the project


Date: May 8th, 2014

People here: Eryn, Rachel H, Jovana, Ianni, Jacob & Senthooran 

Minutes: 1:00-1:25

What was discussed:

- talked about content needed on posters

- logos


Date: May 12th,2014

People here: Eryn, Sydney, Prashanti, Balaj


- material on website

- list ofworkshops

- access to website

Comments (1)

chris gill said

at 4:18 pm on Apr 20, 2014

OK. Looks good. Make sure any marketing issues are included in minutes or on this page. I assume all is good as nothing written in minutes. Next meeting can you make sure people read my Blog Posts on our website as have info on marketing.

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