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Business Application and Information Summary


The software application that keeps people organized is called “Microsoft Outlook”.  It is a website-based tool, but also a download-able application that comes with a small fee and more features. Outlook is a personal information manger, it can either be a separate application (hotmail.com), or part of Microsoft office suite. The current version of Outlook for Windows is 2010 and 2011 for Mac.The benefit of Microsoft Outlook (website) is that it is extremely simple to use, so no matter how old you are, you will be able to “get the hang of it”. Let’s start off with Microsoft Office’s most commonly known feature: E-mail. With Microsoft Outlook, the user is able to create their very own unique E-mail address that allows you to communicate with any other E-mail user by sending text, files, photos, etc. The E-mail also gives the option to group E-mails into folders.The only downside is that none of the other features of Microsoft Outlook (except OneDrive and the Outlook Mail application) work on the iPhone App. The next feature is the Calendar. This allows the user to schedule events or other important dates. It also displays the weather and holidays. Next is the “People” feature; which allows the user to store contact information and connect it to/from other social media websites. It lets the user group specific contacts together, to stay that much more organized. Lastly, this website comes with options that allow you to work on other popular Microsoft Office applications such as: Excel, Word, PowerPoint, OneDrive, and OneNote. In addition OneDrive can be a separate application that can work on any software like, Mac, Microsoft and XBOX360/ONE- it also has a phone application for Android and the BlackBerry (10 series). This website is great for anyone wanting to stay or become organized, since it has everything a person would ever need, all in one place. As for students, they are always working with electronic devices anyway, so the reminders, e-mails, contacts, etc. would be right in front of them. Below are screenshots of the 3 main features of Microsoft Outlook, along with Xbox360 and XboxOne, OneDrive application screen shots.




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