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Conference Executive

Page history last edited by Prashanthi 6 years, 5 months ago

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This will be the page that we will officially have our discussions on as well as provide updates.


CEO  Sydney
PMO  Prashanthi 
CIO  Balaj
CMO  Eryn 








TO DO LIST as of May 20


1. Create an online conference feedback form- Balaj and Prashanthi - COMPLETED

2. Create announcements and get them approved - Eryn - COMPLETED 

3. Use Twitter to market our event - Entire Class 

4. Finish the introduction presentation- Balaj and Eryn - COMPLETED

5. Create Name tags - Prashanthi - COMPLETED

6. Practice presentation. - Entire Class- COMPLETED

7. Conclusion presentation - Prashanthi - COMPLETED

8. Meeting with marketing managers and anyone who's interested- COMPLETED




  • Posters
  • Website
  • Logo, Slogan  

2. The conference introduction needs to include all the executives talking.

     Sydney- Mission, Vision, Purpose

     Prashanthi - Layout of the conference and introduction to the technology and management topic.

     Eryn- Management Topic information

     Balaj - Technology Topic Information

3. The conference registration will be opened on Friday.Mat.13.2014 .

4. Posters and logo's of individual workshops need to be completed for Thursday.- Logo's are completed, individual workshops didn't make their own posters due to not having enough time.

5. Book the stage crew and supplies.- Completed




1. It's official our conference name "Students today, Leaders tomorrow".


2. Since we all will have to talk, me and Eryn decided that we would all help create the Intro. The same intro will be presented to each session with minor changes to the names and topics of the workshop.

We have decided that we will alternate duties regarding the introduction and conclusion.


This is how the work is going to be divided:


Sydney - Brief Introduction. Mission, vision. Prashanthi- How the period will be organized and what each workshop will be discussing. Management Topic and Technology Aspect ( 12/05/2014) - Students Today, Learders Tomorrow - Introduction.docx



Power Point:

Version 1( Edit By Sydney): Power Point: Welcome.pptx

Version 2( Edit By Prashanthi):  tudents Today, Leaders Tomorrow Conference Introduction Presentation- Prashanthi Prashanth.pptx

Version 3( Edit By Balaj): PowerPoint.pptx

Version 4 (Edited by Prashanthi) FINAL VERSION- Students Today, Leaders Tomorrow Introduction Presenatation - Prashanthi P.xlsx.pptx



3. Conference Duty Rooster - Students Today, Leaders Tomorrow Conference Duty Rooster - Prashanthi Prashanth.xlsx

4. Edited Version of Conference Duty Rooster - Copy of Students Today, Leaders Tomorrow Conference Duty Rooster - Prashanthi Prashanth.xlsx

5. Feedback Form - Students Today, Leaders Tomorrow Conference- Dry Run Feedback Form.docx

6. Auditorium Setup - Students Today, Leaders Tomorrow Conference - Auditorium Setup- Prashanthi Prashanth.docx

7. Conference Participant Feedback Form: Business Leadership Conference Participant Feedback Form-Prashanthi Prashanth (New).docx

8. FINAL CONFERENCE DAY DUTY ROOSTER: Students Today, Leaders Tomorrow Conference Duty Rooster - Prashanthi P.xlsx


To Do List:


Task  Due Date Individual Responsible  Status
1. Introduction and Conclusion Outline  Friday. May, 2.2014 CEO Complete
2. Finalize Conference Name  Friday. May, 2.2014 Entire Team  Complete
3. Make Twitter Page and Hash tag  Friday. May, 2.2014 CIO Complete  
4. Complete Feedback Form  Friday. May, 2.2014 PD Complete
5. Tips Brochure  Friday. May, 2.2014 CEO Complete
6. Provide assistance to Workshop Teams. Tuesday.April.29.2014 - Friday.May, 2.2014 Entire Team  Performing  
7. Create a Duty Rooster Monday. May .5.2014 PD Complete




















Monday  Tuesday  Wednesday Thursday Friday 









Individual Section of the project are due. 


Executive Team Meeting. (Business Class)





















Executive Team Meeting with Mr.Gill. (Business Class)

Workshop Presentations and Script are due!


Executive Team Meeting. (Business Class)

Dry Run Conference Presentations To Class Audience

Marketing Preparation 


Marketing Preparation 


Marketing Final Preparation

Marketing Final Preparation



Executive Team Meeting with Mr.Gill. (Business Class)



Executive Team Meeting. (Business Class)




Marketing Campaign Launch

Registrations Open!


Conference Rehearsal  in the Auditorium



Conference Rehearsal  in the Auditorium 

Executive Team Meeting with Mr.Gill. (Business Class)




Executive Team Meeting. (Business Class)




Submit Last Minute Conference Changes 

Executive Team Meeting with Mr.Gill. (Business Class)


Auditorium - Final Planning for Conference

Executive Team Meeting. (Business Class)


Business Leadership and Technology Conference!


Team Debriefing Meeting


Self-evaluations and peer evaluations



Conference Project Report Submission


























































General Topics :


1. Tuesday. April.28.2014- Executives meeting with Workshop Teams


The PD, CIO and the CEO had gone around and had meetings with the members of each individual workshop. Here is a status update: 



Members Present : Sandra, Jacob and Dalya 

Members Absent: Batuhan

PowerPoint- Will be completed for Friday.

Problem- Members are not attending 


The Future in Business 

Members Present: Shahrukh, Samie, Rachel 

Members Absent: None 

PowerPoint- Will be completed for Friday.

Problem- No problems. 

Script needs to be made.

Content- 75%



Members Present : Laura, Aidan, Ryan and Rachel 

Members Absent: None 

PowerPoint- Will be completed for Friday.

Content- 100%

Script- Not Completed 


The Planning Leaders

Members Present : Jouvana, Humza 

Members Absent: Kirk, Irvika 

PowerPoint- Will have some problem completing for Friday.

Problem- Members are not attending 

Content- 60% Complete 

Marketing: Logo and Name needs to be created 


Powerup Leadership 

Members Present : Suzanna, Chris, Sen

Members Absent: Joeleen 

PowerPoint- 50% completed currently, however it will be completed for Friday.

Content - 50% Completed 

Script- Not Completed 

Comments - Prashanthi will be providing assistance to this group in order for them to complete the presentation by Friday. 



Members Present: John, Ilir, Shaquan, Ianni 

Members Absent: None 

Content - 100% Complete

PowerPoint- 100% Complete

Script - Not Completed


2. Order of Presentations 


So the CEO talked to each workshop group regarding what period they want to conduct their workshop. These are the results:


Period One : OCDW

Period Two: The Future in Business and Powerup Leadership 

Period Three: LAR^2 and The Planning Leaders 

Period Four : SBMPlus 



Comments (31)

chris gill said

at 8:30 pm on Apr 29, 2014

Good idea to create a status page. May also want to add a link from the front page and this page to your project calendar. As this is an MOM, perhaps we can include who is missing from status meeting today. You have to add an activity where CMO adds content to Webpage and may want to draft first tweet. We will need a twitter page and #. We may also need a process where teams can drafts a tweet about their workshop and then CMO or CEO approves and sends it out? I suppose each workshop could have a twitter account too? Final Marketing Plan needs to be finalized with Marketing Managers.

Prashanthi said

at 10:24 pm on Apr 29, 2014

Thank you Mr.Gill! I already linked this page to the front page and instead of linking to my calendar I added a calender on this page. I included the members that were present and absent as well. I will add new items to the to do list.

chris gill said

at 7:10 am on Apr 30, 2014


chris gill said

at 4:27 pm on May 4, 2014

I looked at the Duty Roster. Great start. More people need to review ASAP. Here are some comments or questions. Stage Crew need to be advised about May 19 (Rehearsal in Auditorium) and Conference on May 23. There is a form in the office. Ask for two mikes and Two Screens and Projectors and computers. If this is a problem can order from board but should do ASAP. Do we need any other days booked in the Auditorium for practice. May 20 for example? It is not clear what day this roster is for. It says week on May 19. May 19 is a Friday? What happens at Registration desk? We need to include testing by Tech Managers and CIO after "stage crew set up". Also need specific names or titles if entire Tech team for example. Marketing Managers probably want to check that presentations work.

chris gill said

at 4:29 pm on May 4, 2014

Sorry. May 16 is formal Rehearsal in Auditorium. Week of may 19 is correct, but the roster looks like host for the 23rd and 16th? Also need someone in charge of the second computer with Twitter Deck or some other Twitter tool to show the Tweets and # in the conference.

Prashanthi said

at 11:02 pm on May 4, 2014

Mr. Gill, this is my initial plan. I will make the changes that you suggested.

chris gill said

at 7:46 pm on May 5, 2014

Hi Exec's. You have to include a discussion of the marketing plan, Twitter page and #, the website, and the schedule for your into. Perhaps you can present it again later this week. You will have to spend 30 Min.

chris gill said

at 7:29 am on May 10, 2014

FYI. On May 9th I had understood we were supposed to launch the website and start marketing . Not one executive was in class where we had a Lab booked. Most of you had "authorized absences" but as we say in business, the optics did not look great. Make sure you read and perhaps comment on my blog posts and provide some feedback for the people who posted new presentations, added Log's, and I hope approved or provided new summary info for the workshops. One key thing missing is the conference workshop schedule times and even date on the website. Can I also get the passwords for the website and twitter account as a back up. Perhaps one key person on your Functional team can also be assigned to back you up. Remember Wednesday is the day I will do an initial mark for your workshop presentations including the intro from exec that should include some interesting and motivational material on management, leadership, and technology.

chris gill said

at 7:28 pm on May 10, 2014

Prashanthi and exec team. I believe there are two calendars on the Wiki. I made some changes on the one on your page, but then saw this. Just have one and then Link to main calendar. There is also a Google calendar? The one on the conference website should only have info for customers not internal planning.

Prashanthi said

at 9:25 pm on May 12, 2014

Mr. Gill, the two calendar that I have on the wiki are exactly the same. I just have two copies as it ensures that people notice important due dates. We don not have a Google calender as you initially told us that we should just have a calendar on the wiki.

chris gill said

at 7:58 am on May 13, 2014

Ok. Perhaps easier to have one and just have links from other key pages. The Google calendar I mentioned was on the website, but off now anyway.

Eryn said

at 8:12 pm on May 14, 2014

Hey Mr. Gill... in terms of password for the twitter page we kept it simple and made the password "Warriors"!
I started tweeting from the Conference Twitter account today and many students retweeted off their own accounts so get the word out!

chris gill said

at 10:46 pm on May 14, 2014

It should just be exec team tweeting from this account as this is formal Tweets from Conference and needs to be reviewed by at least two execs to make sure ok. All are encouraged to re-tweet and tweet own stuff.

chris gill said

at 11:00 pm on May 14, 2014

Hi, Start the Marketing Campaign and send out URL for website. See Blog post for more details!

chris gill said

at 10:04 am on May 17, 2014

Hi, Exec. I have looked over the intro power point. It is a start. Include much more real pictures and images (LOGO's) of our team. You will have to think of something creative to introduce the conference in 30 Min. Part of it can be sharing how the class organized and planned the conference. You can include some management info from the text and how we did it as a team. For example, under organization. Introduce Divisional Teams and have everyone up on stage and then introduce Functional teams and have everyone move together. Do we need a big sign to do this? Then explain Matrix organization. then you could do something creative on planning and share our project plan and info on meetings and MOM and action plans. Feedback and Control could be a topic and discuss rehearsal and feedback and perhaps the Wiki, which is also a control method. As also mentioned before we need to share info on 21st century worker, technology change etc (Chapter 1). I suggest Sydney does slide and strategy for Organization. Prashanthi does planning and control. Balaz does technology change and new economy as I think he already volunteered. Eryn can do Teamwork and Marketing? Just my ideas. Teamwork could be part of the conclusion and summary of the ideas discussed at the conference. Please Reply to this comment and make suggestions or volunteer. Anyone in the class can and should include some ideas for intro and conclusion. We will need to this on Thursday in the auditorium.

Prashanthi said

at 3:27 pm on May 18, 2014

I volunteer to do the slides on planning and controlling. I think that at the beginning of the conference all the workshop groups should be present on the stage and this will show the divisional teams. Later, when each of the executives are presenting they should also introduced the members of their functional teams. By doing this the audience will be able to understand what divisional teams and functional teams are.

Prashanthi said

at 7:30 pm on May 18, 2014

Mr.Gill do we need to print out the participant feedback forms for Friday?

chris gill said

at 12:59 pm on May 19, 2014

They could be added to a form on the Weebly website or surveymonkey. Talk to Balaj and Team. Better to have students do online, which reminds me that we should encourage BYOD in our ads and promotion.

chris gill said

at 1:02 pm on May 19, 2014

Were is the form. Not the same as gave our team. More of a quantitative from. Sale of 1-10. Agree, Disagree. Yes No.

Prashanthi said

at 9:34 pm on May 20, 2014

No, Mr. Gill it is the participant feedback form that I created a few months ago. I have uploaded a copy of it.

Prashanthi said

at 9:35 pm on May 20, 2014

As you suggested I did talk to Balaj and he said he will either upload it onto the website or crate and online survey using the feedback form that I created.

chris gill said

at 8:27 am on May 20, 2014

Nice diagram of the auditorium with duties. We will probably just have one door open at the entrance. I also have the SAC "conference" room booked for the morning and lunch.

Prashanthi said

at 9:32 pm on May 20, 2014

Ok, that's better as there could be two individuals welcoming and two guiding them to their seats.

chris gill said

at 6:44 pm on May 20, 2014

Update the things to do list if this is the exec main things to do list for exec and team?

Prashanthi said

at 9:33 pm on May 20, 2014

I just updated the to do list for the Exec's.

chris gill said

at 9:49 pm on May 20, 2014

List looks good.
Can we be a bit clearer on how does what in intro and conclusion. For the intro something like.. Could be switched around? any fun ideas welcome.
Sydney - mission , org culture, (context - New Knowledge worker- Learning Organization) - 5 min
Eryn Twitter use at the conference and overall marketing campaign - 5 Min
Mr. R - Leadership - 5 min
Balaj - Technology Change and importance of being tech saavy? Software overview - Website and feedback form 5 Min
Prashanthi - Importance of Organization - Meet Functional and then Div Teams? 5 Min

Prashanthi said

at 9:58 pm on May 20, 2014

The order is:
Sydney - mission , org culture, (context - New Knowledge worker- Learning Organization) - 5 min
Prashanthi - Importance of Organization - Meet Functional and then Div Teams? 5 Min
Mr. R - Leadership - 5 min
Balaj - Technology Change and importance of being tech saavy? Software overview - Website and feedback form 5 Min
Eryn Twitter use at the conference and overall marketing campaign - 5 Min

Sydney said

at 1:54 pm on May 21, 2014

I can stretch my part to closer to ten minutes. Especially now that I'm talking about the info from chapter one.

Eryn said

at 1:55 pm on May 21, 2014

Finished my part of the introduction and will add it to the powerpoint!

Prashanthi said

at 10:56 pm on May 21, 2014

Great Eryn!

chris gill said

at 9:58 pm on May 22, 2014

Exec. Hope you guys get psyched up for tomorrow. Check out the draft new slides Prashanthi added. You may already have done the same. Look forward to tomorrow. Unless you folks have a better strategy I think Balaj and Eryn stay on the floor making sure presentations and TwitterDeck work. Music if transition is fine. During Q & A of one team you can get new slides up for next team. Prashanthi and Sydney manage the people on and off the stage and the clicker and mics. I think we are getting two wired mics and one of the original wireless mics tomorrow.

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