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Attendance Teacher Class Attendance

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Teacher 1 2
Ms. Couch   BBI200 - 25 Students   BBI200 - 25 Students
Ms. Rumlich  FSF1PO - 25 Students PSF1DO - 25 Students    
Ms. Doria        ESLDO0 - 20 Students
Mr. Gill    BDP300A - 28 Students  BTT100 - 20 Students   
Mr Williams        ENG9 - 20 Students 
Mr Tombs    Photography Class P?     
Dr. Kizas Chamber Strings Class - 30       
Ms. Furtado       FSF 1D0 F - 20 students
Ms. Jones   Philosophy Class 20?    



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chris gill said

at 2:32 pm on May 20, 2014

Tell your teachers to e-mail me if they want to bring any of their classes on Friday.

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